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EB-5 financing an alternative solution for U.S. business owners and developers

If you are a developer or business owner, you know securing funding can be challenging. EB-5 capital is an attractive alternative financing solution intended to supplement your primary funding source. The interest rate of an EB-5 loan is determined on project by project basis and typically have a lower interest rate than a typical loan, you do of course have to meet certain qualifications to be considered.

As with most loans you must show that you have a clear and feasible development plan. You also must show how your development project will create at least 10 direct or indirect jobs per EB-5 investor meaning that you need to be far enough along to create jobs with the funds.

For example, a developer seeking EB-5 funds to buy land would not be a good candidate. The same developer seeking money to start building the actual structure would be a good candidate.

Overview of EB-5 Program

The EB-5 Program is a foreign investor visa program designed to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation from foreign capital investment. It is a mutually beneficial program for the U.S. economy, U.S. businesses, and foreign investors alike. Established by Congress in 1990, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In this program, a foreign national will invest $1,800,000 USD in a new commercial enterprise the investment is reduced to to $900,000 USD if made in Targeted Employment Area (TEA) . Their EB-5 investment must create 10 new permanent full-time jobs for American workers, either directly or indirectly. When the program requirements are met the EB-5 investor obtains a Green Card to permanently remain in the United States.

Our Success is Your Success

ICC has developed a unique business model to structure the EB-5 investment for projects. Our approach allows us to offer the safest EB-5 projects. As a business owner or developer, if your project qualifies, it is instantly more attractive to potential investors.

We want your project to succeed because we want our EB-5 Investors to achieve their immigration goals. EB-5 is unique compared to other traditional funding sources and brings a special set of benefits and limitations. ICC standards of excellence  help ensure that both developers and investors benefit.

The Safest EB-5 Projects

A closer look at our standards of excellence. Reducing risk and increasing likelihood of immigration and investment success.

Capital Stack

EB-5 funds are not the primary funding source. The accepted standard within the EB-5 Industry is EB-5 funds should not exceed 30% of the capital stack. It is typical for the EB-5 loan position to be after traditional bank financing and before the equity investors' position. However, every project is different. To offer the safest EB-5 Projects, ICC maintains an even lower threshold than the industry standard.

Project Completion

ICC premium projects utilize bridge funding to help guarantee project completion regardless of the success of EB-5 fundraising. A bridge loan is a type of temporary funding that allows the project to commence and even be completed without all EB-5 investor positions being filled. It is beneficial to both project developers and investors. Investors get credit for jobs created by replacing bridge financing with EB-5 investment funds. Projects are not delayed while EB-5 funds are still pending due to USCIS delays in petition processing.

Flexible Loan Terms

Our premium projects are structured for flexibility so that EB-5 investor capital remains at risk throughout the investor's conditional residency period. Failure to meet this EB-5 Program requirement could result in investors not receiving their permanent Green Cards. ICC standard is to adjust the loan maturity date to coincide with the Issuance of the I-829 (Permanent green card). Unfortunately, some regional centers do not have the same standard. They redeploy the investors' funds after the set loan maturity date, which has sparked numerous lawsuits between EB-5 investors and USCIS. All ICC projects have the necessary flexibility to adjust the loan maturity date for individual EB-5 investors.

Jobs Surplus

Job creation is a central tenant of the EB-5 Program, where 10 jobs from the project must be allocated to each application. Investing through ICC Regional Center has the benefit of counting indirect and direct jobs. Still, we take it one step further and build in a job buffer for all projects. Risk is reduced in ICC projects by having at least a 3x job buffer.

Third-Party Study

In addition to our Project Development Team's exhaustive research, analysis, and due diligence to qualify a project, ICC only selects projects with third-party studies to further validate the potential for project success.

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