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Introduction & Summary

International Creative Capital, LLC (ICC) has been approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to be an authorized privately owned EB-5 Regional Center based in the Great State of Minnesota.
ICC is the first EB-5 Regional Center in Minnesota and the only Regional center in Minnesota to complete an EB-5 project. Our Hyatt Hotel / Custom House projected was completed in 2016 with 100% of I-526 being approved for 33 investors from 8 countries.
The United States Congress established the EB-5 program in November 1990 to encourage foreign investment in the United States and to stimulate job growth. The Immigrant Investor (EB-5) Program encourages immigrants wishing to reside in the United States to invest capital in a new commercial enterprise in order to create new and permanent full-time jobs. Immigrant investors in the EB-5 program are normally required to invest $1 million in regional center projects, unless the project is located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), which allows a reduced investment level of $500,000.
Since 2008 EB-5 Regional Centers have invested over $20 billion of foreign capital in the U.S. economy, creating over 174,000 jobs for U.S. citizens. EB-5 centers enable foreign investors to be connected with businesses and create a path for legal immigration into the United States.
The ICC Advantage
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ICC’s vision is to bring people, foreign capital and community organizations together to promote economic growth and jobs in Minnesota.


Our mission is four fold:

  • First, to connect high quality investors with new and existing sound businesses in Minnesota.
  • Second, we want to grow job opportunities in Minnesota. This will strengthen communities and meet or exceed the EB-5 employment requirements.
  • Third, create business relationships that are successful for all parties.
  • Fourth, work closely with the State of Minnesota, community leaders, the University of Minnesota, colleges around the state and the many excellent chambers and other organizations throughout Minnesota.


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Investing in Minnesota*

Minnesota is world renowned for having a well educated highly productive workforce. In addition, the Twin Cities is known as the cultural center of the Midwest for theater and the arts.  Coupled with beautiful scenery and wonderful outdoor activities it is no wonder that Minnesota is 5th in the nation for Fortune 500 company headquarters. 
There is excellent support by numerous community organizations, DEED, Governor Dayton and numerous business owners for an EB-5 Regional Center in Minnesota. They all know that foreign investment has been successful in United States and other countries to stimulate job growth.
ICC will work hard with our highly active business community to navigate the complexities of receiving foreign investment. We have evaluated numerous businesses for potential EB-5 investment. Currently we have several operating businesses with EB-5 qualifying opportunities that are excellent investment candidates. These businesses are in manufacturing, medical technology and retail and have attracted the interest of foreign investors.
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*There is no obligation to live in Minnesota if you invest in Minnesota.