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Time may be running out on the $500,000 EB5 Investment level. The recent policy alert from the USCIS urging legislative action combined with the information coming out of Capitol Hill has the EB5 industry is preparing for Regional Center reauthorization with a raise to the investment level on the 15th of December. Take advantage of the EB-5 Direct investment at $500,000.00 USD opportunity before it’s gone. Contact ICC today.

On the 19th of November 2021, the Build Back Better Act (a companion to the signed Infrastruce Bill) passed the U.S. House of Representatives. It is now in the U.S. Senate, and all indications point towards including an EB-5 component. This could take the form of Congressional adoption of an Omnibus Appropriations Bill that includes EB-5, or attaching EB-5 Regional Center reauthorization to a Continuing Resolution. One thing is clear the Senate has a deadline of the 15th of December 2021.

A lot of activity and news leaking out from Capital Hill points to the USCIS and Congress working to make the Regional Center program current before the end of 2021. According to the USCIS policy alert, the hold on pending petitions or applications under the Regional Center program is only valid for the 2021 calendar year. The EB-5 program is important to the funding of the USCIS Investor Program Office, and the Regional Center brings in much more volume than Direct Investment.

On the regulations side, the Department of Homeland Security has reposted its ratification of the 2019 rules and filed a notice of intent to appeal the Behring decision. Actions which demonstrate the $500,000 investment level is temporary, and the U.S. government wants the return of the $900,000 minimum investment for EB-5.

There is always a degree of uncertainty for any bill seeking Congressional adoption, and this is no exception. EB-5 Investors seeking to avoid uncertainty can secure their spot in an EB-5 direct project at the $500,000 investment level and file before the 15th of December 2021.

ICC has two active Direct Investment Projects and the resources to help qualified investors file before the 15th of December. The opportunity is limited; we only have six remaining investor positions. To secure your spot, you must act now. Contact ICC Today.

Overview of ICC Direct Investment Projects

Smart Building Management Technology company
  • 2 remaining investor positions at $500,000.00 USD
  • Investment-grade equity investment
  • 5% preference payment on the investment
  • EB-5 job creation surplus (16 jobs per investor, only 10 required)
  • An exit strategy that complies with EB-5 program regulations
  • Contact ICC for more details
Vertical Indoor Farming company
  • 6 remaining investor positions at $500,000.00 USD
  • Investment-grade equity investment
  • 5% preference payment on the investment
  • An exit strategy that complies with EB-5 program regulations
  • EB-5 job creation surplus – 15 jobs per investor (only 10 required)
  • Contact ICC for details

In addition to only offering premium investment opportunities, ICC boasts a 100% approval rate on I-526 EB-5 applications. Secure your spot today, Contact ICC Now.

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ICC is committed to providing exceptional service so that your immigration and investment goals can be reached.

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