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EB-5 Immigrant Investor Tax Considerations

EB-5 investors should consider the tax effects of becoming a U.S. resident before investing.

A little planning and consultation with an expert can help you avoid double taxation. The United States charges income tax on all U.S. citizens and permanent residents based on worldwide income. As a general rule, if you are moving all of your assets to the U.S., you will not have a double taxation problem.

If you continue working or investing in your home country after moving to the U.S., a professional tax advisor with international experience is strongly recommended. Tax treaties and various exemptions may help reduce the risk of double taxation. Still, a tax professional can help navigate these and further reduce your risk.

Another consideration is where you’ll live in the United States. In addition to Federal taxes, each U.S. state has its own tax system. EB-5 investors can live anywhere in the USA, there is no obligation to live in the state you invest in.

Tax advisors can provide tax-related services according to U.S. law. They will refer you, upon request, to a professional tax authority in foreign jurisdictions which will help to minimize taxes as much as legally possible.

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