Immigrant Investors

Immigrant Investors for EB-5 Visa

Foreigners wishing to obtain a US green card are increasingly exploring investment options rather than the traditional process.  With tightening regulation over US immigration and the rise in popularity of having a US visa, the old method of obtaining a US visa is an unattractive option.  Investing in US companies has grown, in part, due to the weak US dollar compared to other world currencies.  These factors are causing the EB-5 visa program to skyrocket in popularity.

There are a couple choices for foreigners to get permanent residence in the United States through investment.  The first is to find their own US investment that meets all of the regulations for the EB-5 program.  Then they have to put in the money and run the business themselves either in management or strategy.  This can be a very time consuming process for the investor, which makes the second option much more appealing: investing through an EB-5 regional center.  Regional centers do the work for the investor, allowing them to continue their lives while the visa and investment processes work through the system.  At the end of the process, the investor has their green card and the business has their growth accelerator.
Foreign investors benefit from working with Regional Centers and investing in TEA-based projects in three main ways:

  • Their investment is pooled with that of other foreign and domestic investors and is managed by the Regional Center and the target business.
  • Foreign investors get credit for the creation of both direct and indirect jobs, which are calculated via econometric modeling.
  • The minimum investment is lowered from $1,800,000 to $900,000.

Because of these favorable terms, over 90% of all EB-5 investment is made through Regional Centers into TEA-based projects (USCIS).