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International Creative Capital (ICC) accompanied Minnesota Governor Dayton to Mexico on a trade mission. Kevin Hanson, ICC Found and President, was one of 44 business and political delegates to join the trade mission. As a licensed investment firm, ICC, works with the Minnesota government to improve foreign investment in the state.

Kevin Hanson, ICC Founder and President, with Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton in Mexico

The trade delegation went to foster relations with Mexican nationals about investment in the state of Minnesota. Mexico is the second largest source of foreign investment in Minnesota, trailing only Canada.

“As Minnesota’s second-largest export market, Mexico is a very important trading partner for businesses and farmers throughout our state. The goal of this trade mission will be to establish and build relationships that will help Minnesota companies and producers increase their exports to Mexico, and in doing so, create more jobs here at home.” – Governor Dayton

Minnesota Trade Delegation in Mexico

Minnesota Governor Dayton said the trade mission to Mexico was “the most productive trade mission I’ve been involved in.” It resulted in five new agriculture and education collaborations between Mexico and Minnesota. The five memorandums that were signed include:

  1. Women in Agriculture and Business
  2. Memorandum on Science and Technology between Minnesota and Mexico
  3. Exchange of grants between the University of Minnesota and students of Mexico
  4. Student exchange between the University of Minnesota and Mexico
  5. Joint research program with Minnesota and Mexican universities

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